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• 3/15/2019

The Doug Braithwaite appreciation post

Love the angle here, and the battle axe. Kudos to DB!
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• 3/10/2019

how do u pronounce ur favorite comic publisher?

val-iant like val kilmer or vay-liant?
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• 3/8/2019


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• 3/7/2019

DMG Valiant Concerns

Since DMG Entertainment brought Valiant last year, I thought of checking their website and it seems they are working on a number of movie and television projects related to characters from Valiant comics.

Movie projects include, Bloodshot (releasing in 2020) by Sony and Harbinger ( five-picture deal with Sony Pictures) and Archer & Armstrong movie (under development).

TV projects include, Quantum and Woody ( to be produced in partnership with the Russo Brothers’ Getaway Productions) and a series on Dr Mirage (with CBS Studios and The CW Network).

DMG also mentioned that it wants to expand Valiant universe beyond publishing which includes theme parks and games.


It sure sounds fun and exciting. But what I'm worried about is DMG is rushing it. I mean the present Valiant Universe is still new. The only reason Marvel and DC cinematic universe is more likely to work is because they have decades worth of good stories that they can make movies on. But in Valiant case, they still lack enough content.

Sure they can probably make 2-3 good Bloodshot movies and 4-5 Harbinger movies but then what? How do you expect to create a cinematic universe based around it?

I'm fine with DMG trying to expand Valiant. But I think they should concentrate more on Valiant comics. We need better stories in the comics because that will give them enough content to work on.

What do you think about this?

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• 3/6/2019

T-7d until Dysart's return....

....and I'm counting every second of it!

Finally we'll get the third arc of Dysart's Harbinger story.

Then some Punk and the Imperium Dlx Ed in April.

Followed by Abnett's Fallen World.

And finally another return.... psyching Psi-Lords.

I'm very optimistic that this year's going to be a much better year for Valiant readers and fans than the lackluster 2018.

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• 3/4/2019

Dead Valiant Wiki

Man, this wiki is so dead except for the goat man and the wolf. Now tell me how can we bring more active members to this wiki? Any ideas?
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• 3/3/2019

"Live from the Deadside" by A Sound of Thunder

Only available through a Kickstarter campaign that is running through March 29, 2019. The goal's been reached already! Don't miss out on the fantastic and very exclusive covers for the upcoming Punk Mambo #1 that are included in the $35 and $60 packages.

Live from the Deadside
Live from the Deadside Kickstarter
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• 2/9/2019

Valiant's teasing something...a new antihero on the horizon? An unwilling cosmic villain?

In celebration of Valiant-ine's Day, Valiant's official social medias shared a quiz, "Who is your Valiant Soulmate?" (I'll link it below). Most of the answers and results are fairly straightforward, but each question has one answer that' "My favorite first date would be...In the void-black terror of deep space... or is it just the darkness of my own mind?", "The sexiest quality in a romantic partner is...Existential Dread", "My partner's worst quality is...trying to escape", etc. If you choose exclusively those answers, this is the result..."We can't tell you who your soulmate is. But we promise, they're... stellar. Maybe we can let something slip on Valiant-ines Day?"

Clearly it's cosmic-related. The return of the Psi-Lords? More info on the next run of X-O Manowar? Guess we'll have to wait a week to learn.

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• 1/25/2019

Matt Kindt leaving Valiant....

....makes me really sad. He's the last guy from the Dinesh era. He brought us Divinity, the Stalinverse, and the Unknown. Kudos for that. Nobody has ever written more Valiant stories and comics than Matt Kindt. Kudos for that, too. Unfortunately he will leave on a sour note. HW2 *SQUEE* and his XO run will end abruptly with too many question unanswered. And the irony of his stay at Valiant is.... his first ongoing series was UNITY and when he will leave Valiant that team will be defunct. Well it already is. Ninjak.... gone rogue. Livewire.... gone rogue. Faith... wanted for murder. Harada... well. Gilad....still struggling. GIN-GR..... where the heck is GIN-GR? The weirdest thing ever was not seeing GIN_GR in HW2. She's not in Livewire (yet) and she certainly doesn't show up in this week's XO #23. Oddly, the headless robot looks just like her. Really weird.

But (the state of) UNITY isn't the only loose end in the VU as of now. There are way too many to be honest (e.g. where exactly are Solomon and the Alpha; do they even still exist?!?). The VU is in need of someone with vision. Lots of people are gone.... Venditti, FVL, Dinesh, Warren, Lemire, and now Kindt. My only hope is (Valiant) can somehow persuade Joshua Dysart and/or Dan Abnett to take over from here. Let's hope the upcoming minis won't be the only thing these two will do for Valiant.

Please let Dan Abnett be the writer of #UNLEASHED.

And another UNITY in 2020.

Fingers crossed.

As for Dysart, he left after Imperium because Warren Simons didn't let him write whatever Dysart wanted at that point. The way I see it, Dysart could write whatever and whoever he wanted right now. Just let him.

New X-O MANOWAR Title Coming This Fall
New X-O MANOWAR Title Coming This Fall Newsarama
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• 1/22/2019

Meet the Vali-ANT

It should get its own wiki page. :)

Mico Suayan on Twitter
Mico Suayan on Twitter Twitter
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• 1/16/2019

Let the Valiant Era begin...

It's out first actual look at Ray Garrison! (not Bloodshot yet sadly...) Could a teaser trailer be imminent?

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• 12/19/2018

fan casts

anybody here wanna talk fan casts? since the VCU will totally b a thing soon
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• 11/17/2018


They should do some animated movies maybe put the on net flip or something
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• 11/13/2018

R.I.P. Stan Lee (1922-2018)

You were a true superhero, visionary, and legend who gave us so much joy and entertainment. May your soul rest in peace and... "Excelsior!"

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• 11/9/2018

Comic artists

Are there actual comic artists and illustrators on this fandom ?
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• 11/1/2018

Bloodshot: Rising Spirit

So I am curious when is the first issue of Bloodshot: Rising Spirit coming out?

next Wednesday i believe?
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• 10/11/2018

We (might?) have our first look at Diesel's Bloodshot!

During a charity auction honoring Paul Walker, a number of Vin Diesel merchandise was sold, including THIS pinup of the Every Man, signed by the actor himself....

Obviously this probably isn't final, and could be fanart, but cool nonetheless

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• 9/14/2018

A Valiant fighting game?

With franchise-inspired fighting games so popular right now (DC's Injustice, Marvel vs. Capcom, Nintendo's Smash Bros, Shonen Jump's upcoming Jump Force), what would you guys want to see from a Valiant fighting game? What characters, maps, gameplay, storyline, etc, would you be fans of?
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• 9/11/2018

I smell a lawsuit... *THAT'S A JOKE*

So Marvel Comics just revealed the big new villain for their X-Men franchise, a mysterious woman named Persephone who works with a powerful, globe-manipulating organization...does she remind anyone else of a certain Valiant character who ALSO works with a powerful, globe-manipulating organization?
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• 8/26/2018

Toyo Harada Old?

Is Toyo Harada actually an old man? because in Harbinger wars issues when Bloodshot punches him, his Tony Stark type appearance changes into that of a semi bald old man.
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