@x is a cyborg who was hired by Raddies to get rid of Rai, however, in their first encounter Rai decapitates @x and throws his head down to Earth where he become the øracle to his loyal @xioms.

@x dies when he self-detonates his head in an attempt to kill Rai during their second encounter, but his head is thrown away by Lemur with only a second left.


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  • Interestingly, despite not technically being a counterpart to the Valiant Comics Ax, @x is more similar to him than the Valiant Entertainment Ax. Both @x and the original Ax are evil cyborgs with a connection to the Rai legacy (Ax having created the Blood of Heroes which played a role in early Rai stories), while the modern Ax is a psiot hacker and political activist.





Quote1 ...reigning...d@y...must be $saved...c@tch a rising sun and...!...put it in yøur...bad P3NNY keeps turning up...for a re@son...N3w Jap@n's showers...bring d3adly løst in nev3r found... Quote2
-- @x
Quote1 ...but y3s...I will nev3r forget. Must nev3r forg3t! RAI! DI3! RAI! MU$T DI3! KILL HIM, MY @XIOMS! THIS IS THE TRAITOR FROM THE SACRED TALE$ I HAV3 TØLD YOU! HE IS TH3 ØNE! Quote2
-- @x


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