Animalia, real name Monica Jim, is a young psiot and a member of Generation Zero. Her powers allow her to create animals and animal body parts to do her bidding.


Animalia was used as a child soldier by Project Rising Spirit until Generation Zero was freed from captivity by Bloodshot. Thanks to this upbringing the only animals she has seen are in children's books and on TV, so all of the animals she creates are cartoons.

As a young kid experiencing her psionic powers she created four childhood imaginary friends: Boran the Puppy Pirate, Humble Bumble, Samurai Sue and Skeleton Pelican.


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Powers and Abilities

Her powers allow her to create animals and animal body parts to do her bidding. There are no limitations to the type, shape, and size of animal. Animalia prefers to create animals based on her favorite cartoons and anime/manga. The constructed animals are will-based creations that she can "shapeshift" into at any time. She can also shapeshift from one construct into another, and so on. The constructed animals may grant her great powers and strength but she remains vulnerable inside the created shell. Monica can also psionically manifest these creations into the physical world remotely, without morphing herself into the creatures born from her imagination. But this was accomplished while she was in a rem state while incarcerated by the Harbinger Foundation.


Animalia does not use any consistent equipment besides her constructs.


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Quote1 Psiot manipulation? Guess I should've known. I was just too happy for it to be... you know, anything lasting. Quote2
-- Animalia[src]


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