Artisan, real name unknown, is a Chinese astronaut working for the China National Space Administration (CNSA). Alongside Beacon, Hazard and Tank, he is sent on a mission into space to stop interstellar "Object 1I/2018 U2", a blue dwarf star that is on a collision course to hit Earth.


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  • Artisan is one of these guys who's never had to do a hard day's work in his life because he charms his way out of every responsibility. Ironically, his power is he can create hard-energy constructs out of thin air, shape matter, and basically make whatever he can conceive. His cocky attitude disgusts an emotionally needy person who's desperate for people to like him. [1]

Powers and Abilities

  • Creation of Hard-Light Constructs
  • Flight





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Quote1 They keep calling us gods. In my case, I'm not surprised. Quote2
-- Artisan


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  1. Meet the main characters of Valiant's space prison-break story Psi-Lords (February 20, 2019 by SyFyWire)

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