Bloodshot 4001 is a future reincarnation of Bloodshot's sentient nanites that have Ray Garrison's memories but their own mind and a host body made by a "3-D Organic Matter Printer" from 3056 AD.


4001 A.D.

In the year 4001 A.D., the nanites that once inhabited Ray Garrison awoke, as the Museum Sector of New Japan they were stored in crashed to the ground. Seeking to complete their final mission, but not able to find a host body, the nanites activated a 3D printer to create a new body. Before the body was complete, the Museum Sector came under siege by raiders. Using a body that hybridized a normal head and a nanite body, "Bloodshot 4001" defeated the raiders, and set off on his final mission. Bloodshot 4001 carried the body of Ray Garrison to New Canada, where he could be given a proper burial among the Inuit people Ray had lived with for a period of time.[1] Finally free of his former host, both physically and emotionally, Bloodshot 4001 set out to find himself. [2]

The Book of Revelations

When "Ray-Self" was sent into the future by the dark Baron Samedi to kill an innocent man, Bloodshot 4001 stepped in. Not believing his former self would kill an innocent man, or that Bloodshot's journey to the future was even possible, 4001 attempted to defuse the situation. Bloodshot stated that he had no other option, as lives in the present were on the line, and shot the innocent man in the head.[3] He told 4001 to stop denying who he really is, a murderer, before returning to his home time, leaving 4001 alone with a corpse.[4]

Fallen World

At some point after 4001's past self left the future, the advanced sky city of New Japan crashed down into Earth. Bloodshot's internal receptors and communicators became flooded with desperate pleas for help and safety, which he attempted to answer. He did not rest for months, guarding the survivors of the crash and fighting robots and monsters who hunted them. Eventually, one of these cries lead 4001 to a mysterious, powerful AI named Father. 4001 tried to help the AI, but his actions only led to him becoming possessed and controlled by the malicious force.


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Powers and Abilities

  • Nanite Form
    • Shapeshifting
    • Technopathy
    • Nanokinetic Constructs



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Quote1 I walk away and I feel the past receding behind me. There are no ghosts left in this machine. I am... I am free. I am untethered. I am something new. I am Bloodshot... and tomorrow will tell me what that means. Quote2
-- Bloodshot 4001[src]


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