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Book of Death is a crossover event published by Valiant Entertainment in 2015. The event consists of a core mini-series written by Robert Venditti and illustrated by Robert Gill, a tie-in mini-series Legends of the Geomancer written by Fred Van Lente and illustrated by Juan Jose Ryp, and four one-shots focusing on the deaths of Bloodshot, Peter Stancheck from the Harbinger series, Ninjak, and X-O Manowar. The four one-shots are written by the writers of their corresponding ongoing series, namely Jeff Lemire, Joshua Dysart, Matt Kindt, and Robert Venditti.


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Note: Apparently, Legends of the Geomancer will never be reprinted: "[It] won't be collected in trade paperback!" While this statement implies it could be collected in some other form, that has not happened yet. [1]

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