Quote1 The Eternal Warrior's failure was as inevitable as the fetid soil beneath his feet. A grave that has been dug -- knows it will be filled. Quote2
-- Book of the Geomancers


A new dark age of the Valiant Universe draws nearer as the events foretold in the Geomancer’s BOOK OF DEATH unfold!

Convinced the unnatural disasters tearing our world apart are a direct result of the new Geomancer’s arrival, the combined forces of the Valiant Universe are forced to confront the Eternal Warrior about his new charge. But to prevent civilization from falling into a new Dark Age, the Eternal Warrior won’t go down without a fight! Valiant architect Robert Venditti (X-O MANOWAR) and rising star Robert Gill (ARMOR HUNTERS: HARBINGER) bring you the next chapter in the summer blockbuster that promises to alter the Valiant Universe as you know it! Plus: new visions of the future that awaits – illustrated by superstar artist Doug Braithwaite (IMPERIUM)!

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Quote1 You're all children to me. No respect for the wisdom of ages. The experience of a thousand battles. I saw every beat of this fight before it began. Quote2
-- Eternal Warrior
Quote1 Here is recorded the last charge of Gilad, the Eternal Warrior. It is said he knew his death would be visited upon him that day... a dark age had embroiled the Earth. The valiant had gathered for one last counterstrike. But one by one, the heroes crumbled. The final, best hope breathing its last. They were no match for their enemy. Amidst so much death and devastation -- one edge remained sharp. The others had traded all to grant the greatest of them a single, clear strike. The Eternal Warrior battled alone. Millennia he had walked the Earth. Weathered countless hundred-year storms. One mission above all others: safeguard the unbroken line of the Geomancers. Now he had come to slay one. Corrupted. Evil. Was it madness that propelled the Eternal Warrior onward against such an omnipotent foe? Against a Geomancer twisting the mystical forces of a planet powerless to resist? Was it loss? Regret? It was fear. Not fear of death. Never that. The Eternal Warrior had tasted death many times before. What he feared most was a condition far worse. Failure. That it had come to this at all was a testament to his failure. Failure to locate the Geomancer who fell victim. Failure to prevent the power of the Earth from being stolen. No. He refused. Not today. Never again. Loss. Regret. Failure. If such things were determined by heroes alone, they would cease to exist. But they are the province of our adversaries. And our adversaries will have their say. The Eternal Warrior's failure was as inevitable as the fetid soil beneath his feet. A grave that has been dug -- knows it will be filled. In contests of life and death, survival does not always mean victory. Only that there is the chance to fight again. And again. And again... for the Eternal Warrior, there is forever another day. Forever another battle. And hopefully, victory at last. Quote2
-- Book of the Geomancers

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