Charlene Dupre is a member of the Renegades, a group of young Harbingers who battle the evil Toyo Harada and his Harbinger Foundation. Her power is pyrokinesis, the ability to generate and control fire. Prior to Peter Stanchek activating her powers, Charlene worked as a stripper in New Orleans with the stagename Flamingo. She is known for being particularly sex-positive and uninhibited.


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Powers and Abilities

  • Pyrokinesis


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Quote1 I know that fire needs heat. And combustion. And it needs to breathe too. Like it's alive. Well, I'm hot. I breathe. And I never felt more alive than right now. Quote2
-- Charlene Dupre
Quote1 Ha! Yes! Yessss!!! Suck it, bad guys! I'm aliiiive! Ahhhhahaha! Isaac Newton in the house!!! Quote2
-- Charlene Dupre[src]
Quote1 People think that sex... wanting it, living for it... that it's a kind of darkness or whatever. But it ain't. I mean, yeah. Anything can undo a person, but for me... sex is kind of a fuel. A resource. And like all fuel, there's, like, this war being fought over it in people's minds. You know what I mean, Huxley? I was empty by the time you came around with all your... I don't know, hunger. All that darkness of your own. And that belief that everything sexy is just plain wrong... it'd already got me so down. That's why it was so easy for you to treat me like crap. I was empty and sick of being judged. I'd stopped fighting. I felt powerless. I let you happen to me, Huxley. And that really pisses me off. Only point is, these trippy kids came looking for me. And this boy here, he awoke something inside me, something I always knew was there... a real live fire. And now I don't feel empty no more. And I don't feel wrong. I feel strong. And I feel sexy again. And good. So look, I'm real, reall sorry I burned your nads. That was not cool, but I was confused and I didn't feel like myself right after the activation or whatever. But I'm gonna get better at gettin' better every day, you know? And that's all I came to say. Let's blow this joint and go find us some shrimp tacos, wonder boy... it's a brand new day! Quote2
-- Charlene Dupre[src]


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