Cold Man, real name unknown, is a member of the Bloodshot Squad and a former soldier turned into a nanite-fueled killing machine by the KGB and Project Rising Spirit. Since Bloodshot U.S.A., Cold Man has been under the command of G.A.T.E..


While much of Cold Man's life before become a Bloodshot agent is unknown, even to himself, it is known that he was a KGB spy in the 1950s. He was so skilled at this field that he landed a spot in the Pentagon with the CIA, allowing him to discover America's abandoned Bloodshot experiments. Cold Man stole the data and fled back to his homeland, where the information was used to make him Russia's first supersoldier. For 30 years he fought secret battles in the name of his homeland, until in 1986 he was captured by the Americans. With the Bloodshot Program reinstated, Project Rising Spirit used the very same experiments that powered Cold Man's abilities to make him a loyal American.

Some time during or after the Cold War, Cold Man's time as an agent of PRS was brought to an end, and he was put in suspended animation. Decades later, Cold Man and other former Bloodshot subjects were brought back from suspended animation, and enhanced with modern nanite technology. Cold Man found his patriotic loyalties totally wiped, both his loyalty to his homeland and his forced loyalty to America. The Bloodshots were used as test subjects for PRS's Deathmate experiments, until the modern Bloodshot aided them in escaping from the Project. Cold Man and the rest of the "Bloodshot Squad" joined up with G.A.T.E., and despite the organization uncovering details about his memory, Cold Man refused the information


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Powers and Abilities

  • Combat Mastery
    • Firearms
    • Espionage
  • Bio-engineering and Nanite Enhancements
    • Regeneration
    • Limited Shapeshifting



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Quote1 I was selfless. The Bloodshot experiments made me the perfect Communist. And for a time, I fought in many secret battlefronts. Conflicts that did not make it into history books, but that shaped history itself nonetheless. Then, in 1986, I was taken prisoner. Your "Uncle Sam" got me, Tank Man. And, for them to change me... they did not need propaganda. The experiments had made me a machine. All they had to do was to literally reprogram me. After that I was American. Bloodshot had come home. Quote2
-- Cold Man[src]


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