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Faith Herbert, also known by her alter ego Zephyr, is a superhero in the Valiant Universe. She is a psiot with the ability to fly, and a member of the Renegades who battle Toyo Harada's Harbinger Foundation. She has also been a member of the team Unity.


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Published by Balzer + Bray, Faith: Taking Flight is a young adult novel featuring a unique take on Faith Herbert set to be published in 2020.


DMG Entertainment have listed a film based on the flying psiot as "In Development". It is being written by Maria Melnik, and produced by Neal Moritz and Dan Mintz. [1] It is unclear how this film is related to the Harbinger film, as Faith is a member of the Renegades the film stars. The movie is currently in production at Paramount after they acquired the film rights to the Harbinger mythos. No release date has yet been given.

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