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Faith Herbert, codename Zephyr, is a superhero with the ability to fly and bring others with her. She has been part of the Renegades, a group of young psiots who rebel against Toyo Harada and his Harbinger Foundation.

For her daytime job as a journalist in Los Angeles she created the alter ego "Summer Smith", wearing glasses and a red wig to complete the disguise. Currently, Faith is in a romantic relationship with Obadiah Archer.


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Faith is a sci-fi and comic book nerd, which leads her to adopt more traditional superhero characteristics than her friends, such as secret identities and super-names. She is a huge fan of Doctor Who.

Powers and Abilities

Air Manipulation: After she had been activated by Peter Stanchek, Faith' first ability was "self-propelled flight". Over the time, she has mastered her flying ability and learned how to make use of other aerokinetic abilities as well.

  • Self-Propelled Flight: Faith is able to engage in a form of self-propelled flight through sheer force of will. She is ale to fly across long distances and at incredible speeds. Faith has also learned to use her newly-developed aerokinetic abilities to enable other individuals to fly as well.
    • Companion Field
  • Wind Blasts: Faith has demonstrated the ability to project concentrated blast bolts of air-pressure at her opponents in order to damage, repel, or destroy them.
  • Force Fields: Faith has learned to create and manipulate force-fields with her aerokientic capabilities. She can use these force-fields to deflect and/or decelerate incoming attacks, such as bullets, missiles, blunt force attacks, etc...
    • Psychokinesis
    • Shields


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Cover Girl



Quote1.png What are you talking about? I'm in the secret H.Q. of a society of freakin' awesome! I've seen them! Amazing powers and those pretty uniforms! Everything I've ever dreamed about, it's all real! And me being bullied at school and lonely and fat! All this time thinking I was different in some amazing way. That was real too! Look, they said it's dangerous, but that's okay. I was meant for this. My whole life is about this moment. It'll work. I know it will. Don't be a jerk. Make me a superhero. Pleasepleaseplease... Quote2.png
-- Faith Herbert[src]
Quote1.png Heck yeah!!! It worked! You made me a real life superhero!! And I sooo totally saved you from those jerks too! Boom! I'm going to be the greatest superhero in forever! Joss Whedon's gonna make a freakin' movie about me starring Christina Hendricks! Quote2.png
-- Faith Herbert[src]
Quote1.png I'm not saying I wasn't scared. I totally was! I mean, how fast could I go? How high could I fly? Would I be able to stop his fall? Would he take me down with him? So, yeah. It was scary. But this is what heroes do, right? They throw themselves into the void for strangers without a second thought. They hold the line of compassion for other human beings in a world built on chaos. There's only one reason why I didn't go to the great cosmic comic-con in the sky with mom and dad in that car crash all those years ago... I'm still here because the world needs me. My name's Zephyr. I'm a superhero. Quote2.png
-- Faith Herbert[src]
Quote1.png I don't care if I fall again. I don't care if I die from flying right now. Thank you. Thank you for this life. Quote2.png
-- Faith[src]
Quote1.png What are any of you saying? These are innocent, weak children in trouble! I'm sick of this - this bull hockey! All of it! I'm sick of stealing people's cars and robbing banks! I'm sick of picking fights with disabled people in bars and getting drunk and wiping people's memories and brainwashing the police! Do you really think we were made special so we could do nothing for nobody?! When are we going to stop being a bunch of selfish jerks and start helping others?! When?! Quote2.png
-- Faith[src]


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