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Fallen World is a five-issue mini-series published by Valiant Entertainment in 2019. It is written by Dan Abnett and illustrated by Adam Pollina. The series is set in the 41st Century of the Valiant Universe and features the cyborg samurai Rai, following Rai (Volume 3) and the 4001 A.D. event series. It is followed up by Rai (Volume 4) by the same writer.

"In FALLEN WORLD, Rai has saved New Japan from the threat of tyrannical rule, but now he has to save the whole world! Though it was the right thing to do, bringing down Father – the powerful artificial intelligence that ruled New Japan – has had catastrophic consequences. Rai’s been a hero, though many people now hate him for what he did because the world no longer seems safe and secure. Can he step up and be the savior everyone needs?" says Abnett. The series "sets up the future of the Valiant Universe moving forward. This is a whole new future world, with major storylines springing out of it, and it all starts here!"[1]

The series is the third Valiant series to get a Glass Cover variant for its first issue; illustrated by Doug Braithwaite.


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