Quote1 Generation Zero only fights so we can stop fighting, one day. Quote2
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Generation Zero was a former group of young psiots with advanced abilities, attempting to survive in a world they no longer belonged in.


The Generation Zero kids were each kidnapped at an early age by the secret military organization Project Rising Spirit, who trained them to become weapons. During the events of Harbinger Wars they were released by Bloodshot and given freedom for the first time. The children of Generation Zero deal with constant attempts to capture and control them, both from Rising Spirit and from Toyo Harada's Harbinger Foundation, as well as recruitment efforts by the Renegades.

Generation Zero later took control of the City of Rook, the former Detroit. The situation quickly escalated, however, when the city came under siege by the paramilitary H.A.R.D. Corps, who labelled the Generation as terrorists. The confrontation ended in a massacre, with Animalia being the only psiot member to escape without being captured or killed. [1]



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