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Harbingers, also known as psiots, are a race of evolved superhumans with psionic powers in the Valiant Universe. The world's most powerful Harbinger is Toyo Harada, a Japanese businessman who runs the mysterious Harbinger Foundation. The Foundation recruits and trains Harbingers as part of Harada's private army. There are some who believe Harada is an evil megalomaniac, including teenager Peter Stanchek, the only Harbinger whose power rivals that of Harada. Stanchek, also known by the codename Sting, leads a group of young Harbingers called the Renegades against Harada. This group includes Charlene Dupre, a pyrokinetic codenamed Flamingo; Faith Herbert, an overweight flying nerd codenamed Zephyr; John Torkelson, a super-strong behemoth named Torque; and the regular human Kris Hathaway. They live their lives on the run while being constantly pursued by Harada's organization.


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In April 2015 Sony Pictures and Valiant Entertainment announced a five-picture to bring Bloodshot, Harbinger, and Harbinger Wars to the big screen. In March 2015, Valiant Entertainment had already partnered with DMG Entertainment "for nine-figures of film financing capital for the production of theatrical films and television programs based on Valiant’s library of iconic superhero characters." [1] These plans fell through, however, when it was announced that Paramount had obtained the rights to Harbinger from the company, as well as several other Valiant IPs. However, the Harbinger film is continuing as planned with the same crew and script (although presumably with edits to disconnect the film from Bloodshot). [2]


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