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Harbinger Wars 2 is an event series published by Valiant Entertainment in summer 2018. Originally announced as a four-part series with 48-page issues it would be changed to a six-part series with 32-page issues including a prelude one-shot by writer Eric Heisserer and artists Raúl Allén & Patricia Martín and a four-part core mini-series as well as an aftermath one-shot by writer Matt Kindt and artist Tomás Giorello.

A promotional zero issue could be mail-ordered by redeeming the four coupons that were available with the first four issues of Harbinger Renegade. The coupons – along with a handling fee of $10 – had to be sent in until May 1, 2017, and the zero issue was shipped in late December of the same year.


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Trading Cards[]

Limited edition card set featuring the complete event checklist and major players.

Note: The artwork of the trading cards are taken from:

  • Checklist - Harbinger Wars 2 promo and cover of issue #1 (see above)
  • Bloodshot - Bloodshot Salvation #8
  • Livewire - Harbinger Wars 2 Prelude #1 (see above)
  • Ninjak - Ninja-K #5
  • Pete Stanchek - it seems as if this one has not been used anywhere else yet
  • XO-Manowar - X-O Manowar (Volume 4) #14

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