Kris Hathaway is a member of the group known as the Renegades who battle Toyo Harada and the Harbinger Foundation. Unlike the rest of the group, comprised of Psiots, Hathaway is a regular human with no psionic powers. She is the smartest and most level-headed of the group. Kris is a childhood friend of the group's leader and most powerful member, Peter Stanchek. Following an incident where Stanchek violated her mind, he desperately attempts to atone with Kris. Kris uses this power over him to influence him make better decisions with his powers.


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  • Kris is primarily romantically attracted to girls, something she disclosed following the death of Flamingo.[2]
  • Kris only bums cigs when she's nervous.[1]



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Quote1 What did you do to me?! I'll gouge out your eyes, you bastard! I'm going to kill you, Peter Stanchek! I'm going to cut your balls off you son-of-a-bitch! Quote2
-- Kris Hathaway[src]
Quote1 Joe says Peter's got some kind of super psychic powers. I believe him... I have to. Otherwise nothing makes any sense. Like how my heart fell through a trap door in my chest at the blink of an eye. How I was consumed. Folded down to nothing. No self. No future. No hopes. No free will. Nothing but the overwhelming idea of Peter. Now I know why they call it "falling" in love. When he freed me from his spell it felt like an inflated balloon inside me had popped. A sense of emotional fullness was suddenly gone. Leaving nothing but hollow, angry, emptiness. Quote2
-- Kris Hathaway[src]
Quote1 This man can do anything. Kill anyone. Affect everything. And I ask myself, why is it considered heroic when a person with great power decides what's right for the rest of us? I think it's time for the people with nothing to start deciding what's right. Quote2
-- Kris Hathaway[src]
Quote1 So what if God was one of us? What if he was just some kid... making horrible decisions because he didn't know any better? And what if God could be taught to be a better person? Quote2
-- Kris Hathaway[src]
Quote1 Two days ago I had nothing but hatred and wreckage in my life. Now I've got a flying girl and a bastard god who's desperate for my approval. And that means I've got something so very few people in this world really have... that means I've got power. Quote2
-- Kris Hathaway[src]
Quote1 Keep your head. We die plotting. Quote2
-- Kris Hathaway[src]
Quote1 I do have my classist weaknesses. Quote2
-- Kris Hathaway[src]
Quote1 It's scary [the ocean]. I don't know why... It hides things, you know? It's alien. Quote2
-- Kris Hathaway[src]
Quote1 ...I've been trying to have fun, even pretending sometimes...but I know...I know...that something's really, really broken inside me. Quote2
-- Kris Hathaway[src]
Quote1 I've killed people. Faith almost died saving my life. Are--Are my parents even alive? That stupid, childish trick I pulled with Harada back in Pittsburgh, do I really think that guaranteed anybody's safety? Jesus, I'm reckless, I'm selfish, and I'm dangerous to the people that I love. Quote2
-- Kris Hathaway[src]
Quote1 You see, all that supposed's really just a weakness. Quote2
-- Kris Hathaway[src]
Quote1 Is this what it's like, being a soldier, Peter? Your best friends, the only people that understand you, they blink out around you... gone forever... and you just... you just have to keep going? Keep fighting? Quote2
-- Kris Hathaway[src]
Quote1 Nobody screws with that Hathaway bitch. She knows them super freaks. They'll be coming for her one a' these nights. Just let her be. Quote2
-- Inmate at the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women, N.Y.[src]
Quote1 Oh, you have issues? Tell me again how your mistakes nearly started World War Three? Or got one of your best friends killed? Ten kids died last month alone because of my actions. Quote2
-- Harbinger Renegade #2


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