The Last Enemy is an immortal assassin who serves the Null, dedicated to creating chaos and wiping out all existence. This has made him an enemy to Archer & Armstrong, Eternal Warrior, and the Geomancer.


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Powers and Abilities

  • Immortality
  • Possession


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  • The "Last Enemy" was likely created as a twist on the "Immortal Enemy" character from the original Eternal Warrior series. There are many similarities, and his first appearance was even teased as the "Immortal Enemy" in previews. However, he was given a different name, and the true Immortal Enemy would later appear in the miniseries The Valiant.




Quote1 The Null subtracts reality in two ways: first gradually. Then instantly. I handle the "gradually" part. I was born during the crusades -- they used me to terrorize the Levant, transforming seemingly normal people into cold-blooded killers. From time to time, when the Null wants history nudged in a certain way, I take out... specific targets. Dallas, Sarajevo, Memphis... Ford's Theatre? I go where I'm asked. Wherever there is a seemingly senseless explosion of violence... I am there. For I am nothingness. Projected outward. Quote2
-- The Last Enemy[src]


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