Quote1 Heh, reminds me of a song: "Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name... Quote2
-- Immortal Enemy

The Geomancer Quest, Part 1: A Snake in the GardenEdit


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  • Spaceships
  • Wooden Raft



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Quote1 Heh, reminds me of a song: "Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name... Quote2
-- Immortal Enemy
Quote1 I don't know if you can understand, but since the Earth stopped talking to me, it's like my wife left me! Quote2
-- Rokland Tate
Quote1 Ah, don't mind him, Torque. All Rokkie's ever done is bring bad news. Quote2
-- Slagger
Quote1 And it always comes true. Quote2
-- Rokland Tate
Quote1 S-something feels very wrong here. Quote2
-- Rokland Tate
Quote1 Sorry, but I have an old score to settle. And if your death doesn't bring Gilad our of hiding, nothing will. ---RRRUMMBBLLE--- Remarkable. The Earth really does mourn the loss of its Geomancer. Quote2
-- Immortal Enemy
Quote1 Oh, I've outdone myself. Don't know how I came up with that story--- must be divine intervention... but even if Torque succeeds on this quest I made up, then the worst possible person will be the new Geomancer. Quote2
-- Immortal Enemy
Quote1 He was a Geomancer, Torque. Of course, I take this seriously! Quote2
-- Zeramiah Clane
Quote1 Yeah, right. Like he took care of his friends, the Freewills. I mean, I didn't have any problems with slaggin' them all-- not after what the Malevs and bucketheads did to my family...! --- But him! First he hunts Freewill robots, then he defends them, then he becomes President and sells them out! Quote2
-- Unnamed female medical staff
Quote1 Not bad, kid. You left 'em breathin'-- but not bad. Quote2
-- Slagger
Quote1 Kid, I think I must be rubbib' off on ya. Maybe yer finally growin' up... Quote2
-- Slagger


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