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  • The Publications list already shows 95% of the information in a much cleaner way --well, as clean as it gets without using table structures--, and it includes all the publications not just the ongoings. The original creators and first appearance is listed in the infobox. The different incarnations by publisher and universe can be guessed by the two main lists (Characters & Publications) which are separated into

    • Valiant Comics Era (1991-1996)
    • Acclaim Comics Era (1996-2002)
    • Valiant Entertainment Era (2012-present)

    The only additional information in the History section are a couple of names... of writers of the main volumes. That's it. The rest is redundant and a whole lot of yadda yadda yadda. Sorry! Do we really have to keep repeating the whole "rebooted again" thing all the time? Then again it can be guessed by the separating the lists (as shown above).

    Maintenance. It's much quicker to add to the two lists (mainly Publications), then having to edit the History section.

    Last not least, most disambiguation pages are slim. Links, short description, less full text. Like it says on top: "This disambiguation page lists articles associated..."

    Less is more.

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  • Good morning!

    Sorry to bring this here, but I was blocked on dc.fandom (DC Database) and couldn't talk anymore.

    I saw that you are one of the admin of dc.fandom. And I need a second opinion on that problem. 

    Can you take a look at this: and explain me the exact reason for which my thread was blocked and my account, too on dc.fandom?

    In my opinion I didn't do anything wrong. I just asked a question to find out if there are other people which like something, I didn't spill any fanfic over the database.

    If I would have spilled any fanfic over the fanbase I would have posted links to an actual fanfic or wrote something that was similar to an fanfic.

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  • Moving the release date to the "Notes" section (that is at the bottom of the page) is not very user-friendly. The template displays the date at the top of the page... and only until the day of the release. Later on, the template can easily removed when the characters and credits are added/edited.

    Frankly, my template isn't perfect either. Unfortunately we do not have a specific field for the release date. How about distinguishing between "Cover Date" and "Street Date" in the infobox? This way both dates would always be available and next to each other in the infobox where they actually belong.

    It's a lot of mind-numbing extra work though!!!

    Maybe the AutoWikiBrowser could be of help?

    It could easily used to change "Date" to "CoverDate" (of course the main infobox template needed to be updated, too) and add the new field "StreetDate" as well. Not sure about adding the actual street dates dynamically and fully automated, however, there is a semi-automatic mode which could be handy in this case and less mind-numbing than doing everything completely manually.

    The question is how important is the street date, especially after the release? Which is why I created the template. It does the job with minimum effort. The wording could easily be adjusted, and/or the info could be displayed in a message box?

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    • I'm having difficulty responding because Wikia is being dumb and it keeps deleting my response after I try to submit it.

      That's totally fine, my bad! I assumed it was something that would always be at the top of the page and I was against that because it's bad SEO. but if it's only up there until the comic is released then that's 100% good. definitely a smart thing to have something at the top of the page marking comics that haven't been released yet. I also agree that having a field for that information would be useful. I don't think we need to make it 100% mandatory, but like if we have that information there's no reason not to put it on the page. Maybe we could make a separate field titled ReleaseDay so we don't have to go through and update 1500+ comic pages?

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    • Yes, the template only displays the info as long as the release date is still "after" the current date. You can easily test the template: {{Release Date|2000-10-10}} or {{Release Date|October 10 2010}} or {{Release Date|abc}} vs. {{Release Date|April 1 4001}}.

      I've slightly changed the output of the template:

      This comic book is scheduled for release on April 1, 4001.

      It looks better in a message box.

      New field - lets stick to using my template for the time being. AutoWikiBrowser or not, adding the new field and value will take time and there's too many other things that still need to be done first.

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    • That sounds good to me!

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  • Please take a look at the following pages and tell me if you would do anything differently:

    Comic: Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe Vol 1 1
    Live-action: Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe

    All the characters (comic adaption + live action) link to:
    Ninjak (Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe)
    Livewire (Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe)

    The storyline isn't in continuity hence the new designation. The characters in the comic adaption are certainly based on the characters in the live-action series so there should only be one (new) designation for both.

    It seems like the comic adaption is now going to be released ahead of the live-action series but there's also the trailer] (from end of 2016) already showing most of the main characters. First appearance?

    Issue #1 vs Trailer (vs Episode #1)

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    • Everything looks great, you're killing it! That is all exactly what I would do. :)

      I think we can just count the comic as the first appearance, that's fine. It would be weird to make like a separate page or something for the trailer. Maybe we could list the comic as their first official appearance and then list the trailer appearance in the notes section on the character pages?

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    • Alright, sounds good.

      Basically, the trailer is like a preview (comic) and previews don't count for first appearances unless it's some sort of exclusive content.

      A note should suffice in this case.

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  • I like the new "move" template, however, it's a little confusing why you've added the "Blackbeard" page instead of simply moving it right away? Blackbeard obviously is a "Real Word" figure hence the page name should not have the "(Valiant Entertainment)" suffix. Maybe you're just testing the template.

    What's your opinion about associating character and group pages to a specific publisher? I believe there hasn't been a strict rule or guideline thus far.

    Some examples: What if a fictional character only exists in "Valiant Entertainment"? Should the page always carry the suffix? I'd say "yes!"

    On the contrary, non-fictional characters and groups should never carry any suffix unless there's a huge difference between the real character and the appearance in comics. Sometimes, this may be a thin line. Sometimes, it's quite obvious: HARD Corps' Shakespeare is not REAL-Shakespeare. In case of "MI-6" it doesn't make much sense to distinguish between (Valiant Comics) and (Valiant Entertainment) though. I would rather do 1 page and list the different publishers and their fictional agents and handlers working for the organization.

    What do you think?

    About this, too?

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    • Oh, and according to wikipedia I also removed the dots -- e.g. "F.B.I." -> "FBI" -- from all wiki pages.

      BIA, CDC, CIA, DEA, FBI, FEMA, FDA, LAPD, NSA, NYPD - all checked and done.

      D.O.A. is/will be the Domestic Operation Authority.

      H.A.R.D. are the H.A.R.D. Corps. M.E.R.O. is still M.E.R.O. NATO is NATO.

      KGB is KGB (according to wikipedia).

      NORAD is NORAD - I don't see why this should not be handled like NATO, however, wikipedia redirects NORAD to "North American..." Let me know what you think? It's not a big deal to change this if need.

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    • That all sounds great! Thank you so much for taking care of that! :)

      Yeah I think we can keep NORAD at NORAD, that's consistent. I think wikipedia is just a little weirder about pagenames once they get to acronyms used by multiple organizations.

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  • Hey there. Just wondering where you been. We could really use your expertise on here. 

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  • Hey, I think you should make thekingdomofike a moderator. He wants to do things but cannot because he can't do them. Just thought you might like to know about that.

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  • I was thinging that it would be nice to have more badge-earning opportunities on here— specifically, I was thinking more badge levels, more badge categories, and more badge variety. 

    By “more levels” I mean add silver and gold levels to all the categories that (as far as I can tell) only have bronze-level badges (e.g., leaving messages on members’ pages, posting blogs, adding to your user page, etc.). Doing these things will get you a bronze-level award once, but there’s no reward for growth beyond that point. 

    By “more categories” I mean new badges for the constructive things that are currently (to my knowledge) being left unrewarded (e.g., uploading videos, starting/commenting on discussions, etc.). Rewarding for these things help fill out the site. 

    By “more variety” I mean adding awards for things that are less cut-and-dry (e.g., edits completed in a day, making changes to an article within an hour of its creation, contribution streak, “Lucky ____th Edit/Photo/Blog”, etc.). You already have some of these, and you need more of these! I love them. They’re more creative and more fun than the others. 

    Lastly, I just want to say, I’m sorry if this sounds like a lot of work. I don’t know anything about writing code or making badges or the thumbnail or any of this stuff. It was just an idea. I hope it doesn’t sound too presumptuous of me to recommend making more. Have a nice day!  

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  • What template do I use to make a new character page? I'd love to add a couple, but I'm not sure how to start when it's all just blank. 

    Also, do you have a character page that is filled out perfectly (with all of what you want and how you want things done)? You are the founder, so I want to keep true to the community, but I'm not very experienced in wikiing, so I'd be safe than sorry. 

    Thanks for your time! 

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    • Also, I was told to put anything that was more of an editor's conversation in the "Talk" tab, but I may have been misinformed. If not, I actually had a couple questions that I posted there that I just have no idea what to do with. They're similar to the above query in nature, mostly formatting stuff. Thanks for your time!

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  • Hi, the community has been a little off without you, I hope you get well, I'm been off too, but only because I'm lazy, heh, I finished Punk Mambo, and I'm almost done with the covers of Ninjak.

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