Obadiah Konishi is a superhero in the 41st Century, the 44th hero known as Rai and possibly the "Greatest Rai" because of the nanites in his blood. His predecessor was his father Takao Konishi and his mother was Leeja Clane. He was raised by a religious order known as the Archies, and is named after their founder Obadiah Archer.


Son of Takao Konishi and Leeja Clane via a short love affair, he was born with nanites in his blood, which made it possible for him to be more powerful than his father. He was later infused with the "Blood of Heroes" that once coursed through his father's veins, which not only gave him the powers of the hero Bloodshot, it also gave him some of his memories.

He would become the elder half-brother to Torque, son of Magnus and Leeja Clane, and was raised by the First Family of North Am. Upon becoming Rai, "Obie" came into conflict with Tohru Nakadai's son Takashi, who was bitterly jealous of what he saw as Obadiah's preferential treatment as "the last Rai", particularly since Takashi's late father was in fact the last "legitimate" Rai reared by Grandmother.


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Powers and Abilities

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Swordsmanship



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