Peter Stanchek is one of the most powerful psiots alive, considered the only one whose power rivals Toyo Harada. He is the only psiot with the ability to "activate" latent powers in others, and one of only three known psiots born activated. Having powerful psionic abilities from an early age lead him to a lifetime of homelessness, drug abuse, and misdiagnosed mental illness.

On Christmas day, eleven-year-old Peter accidentally put his father into a coma trying to activate his latent psionic abilities[1].

Eventually Harada would attempt to recruit him to his Harbinger Foundation. Realizing Harada was morally corrupt, Stanchek went on the run with a group of other young psiots he activated calling themselves the Renegades. This group includes Charlene Dupre, Faith Herbert, John Torkelson, and the non-psiot Kris Hathaway.


In the fake alternate reality created by Kazmir, Peter Stancheck works for the Soviet government by using his powers to force those not loyal to the government to kill themselves.


There is no information about this character's personality recorded yet.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Telepathy
    • Thought Projection
    • ​Mind Control
    • Pathokinesis
    • Illusion Casting
    • Mind Wipe: Peter can induce amnesia in other people.
    • Mind Whip
  • Telekinesis
    • ​Molecular Manipulation
    • Force-Field Generation
    • Flight
  • Teleportation
  • Astral Projection
  • Precognition
  • Postcognition
  • Power Bestowal
  • Detection: Peter can detect latent Psiots and activate them.


This character has no special equipment.


  • Peter scored a 130 on a verbal IQ examination.[1]






Quote1 Stop. Talking. Give me something with oxycodone in it, percocet or something. And an antipsychotic. Risperdal or zyprexa. Plus whatever cash you got in the register. Then forget me forever. Quote2
-- Peter Stanchek[src]
Quote1 Right now, I'm showing you what it's like inside my head. Hear that horrible screeching? All my life, as long as I can remember, it's been there... raging in my brain. Constantly. For no reason. No truth. No goodness. No purpose... only power. Quote2
-- Peter Stanchek[src]
Quote1 I don't know. Everybody wants something from Neo. He never really gets to just hang out and have fun... he's always got important stuff to do. And sometimes Neo hurts other people. Even if he doesn't mean to. I guess just because he can. I don't really see what's so special about being special. Quote2
-- Peter Stanchek[src]
Quote1 You understand that there's no way I can let Harada-Sama live. Even if I didn't want to kill him... and trust me, I do... I really do... but even so, if I let him live he'd just keep coming after me, after my friends. This has to be the end. Here and now. Quote2
-- Peter Stanchek[src]
Quote1 Greetings, Master. Once again you find yourself off the mark and far from the action. How will it feel, I wonder... when all your resources can't even stop a handful of punks from tearing down everything you've worked decades for? But in the immortal words of a great prophet... "Kids ain't playin' over here, playa." Maybe one day you'll finally do me in, Sensei. But after this... it just won't matter anymore. Quote2
-- Peter Stanchek[src]
Quote1 Here's where it happens, world. Where Harada tracks thousands of potential Psiots all over the globe. It represents decades of work for Harada. It's the pool from which he pulls his army. The engine for his future empire. If he loses track of all his potential recruits, expanding his organization becomes impossible... and all the damage we've done to him will stick. No growth, no new information, that equals the end of the Harbinger Foundation. Quote2
-- Peter Stanchek[src]
Quote1 I guess we're both monsters then, Sensei... and neither one of us deserves to live. So let's hurry up and rid the world of each other! Quote2
-- Peter Stanchek[src]
Quote1 I can feel it, Master, under all your hate... there's real fear there... burning off of you so brightly it blinds you! Me and you, we're in Hell. We've spent our whole lives in Hell. And for the last year we've put each other through Hell. So let's take it all the way... let me show you something. So you can know my anger! This is the inside of my best friend Joe's dead brain. Just one of the countless people you've murdered. Experience it. No thought. No energy. No light. No life at all... and this is what it's like inside the head of a junkie while he's dying from an overdose. There's no room for ego this close to non-existence... what about you, Master? Can you survive without your massive ego? Quote2
-- Peter Stanchek[src]


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