Quote1 Don't be ridiculous. Quote2
-- Quantum

TOCK, David Warrant is Not DeadEdit


Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Holly's seven brothers (Mentioned only)
  • Joe Tomorrow (Mentioned only)
  • Kids



  • A frying pan and a wooden spoon
  • Control bands (an extra pair)
  • Quantum Bands
  • Random toys in a bag
  • Taylor's bat (cause he's Bat Man)
  • Woody's guitar


  • A stolen car (that Taylor will not bring back)
  • More cars (not stolen but also damaged)


Chapter HeadingsEdit

  • Rocky Bushtail Collars Up
  • The "sub-microscopic particles in disordered states" team
    Quantum and Woody in: "TOCK, David Warrant is Not Dead"
  • Thoom
  • Holly and Dave
  • Villain Quest
  • The Obvious
  • NEXT: Dave, Villains Is As Villains Does


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Quote1 My partner -- my friend -- has been missing for almost 24 hours. And you -- a dead man -- have conveniently come back to life. Quote2
-- Eric "Quantum" Henderson
Quote1 Great right cross. Good form. Quote2
-- Eric "Quantum" Henderson
Quote1 So, Eric Henderson, you don't seem crazy -- think you can explain why every tree in a quarter mile radius has been uprooted? -- Oh, go on -- give it a try. Quote2
-- Holly
Quote1 It's a bio-organic graft. An active gateway with dual mode pass-through radiators. And no water won't hurt it -- but if you do trigger your radiant energy, you'll boil like a lobster. Quote2
-- Holly
Quote1 Because my trust fund administrator -- namely you -- is a penny-pinching ball-breaking allowance nazi. Quote2
-- Woody
Quote1 Sure, but if you had things your way, you'd be dead broke! You should be thanking me! Quote2
-- Quantum
Quote1 Fine. Thanks, o allowance nazi. A.N. That's your name now. -- So, you're were worried about me, huh? Quote2
-- Woody
Quote1 Don't be ridiculous. Quote2
-- Quantum


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