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Rai is a superhero legacy in the Valiant Universe developed by Jim Shooter as Valiant’s first original creation in 1991. The series began as a flipbook back-up feature in Magnus, Robot Fighter #5.

The series takes place in the 41st Century. Rai is the spirit guardian of Japan (ruled by Grandmother), a mantle that is passed down father-to-son through generations. There have been many Rais, so the series has gone through multiple protagonists, see list below.

In the Valiant Comics universe it has also been revealed that Rai is a futuristic version of Bloodshot designed to look alike, "hoping to invoke the spirit of his heroic exploits in the people."[1] This is not the case in Valiant Entertainment's rebooted universe where all Rais are semi-artificial creations of Father, the leader of New Japan (instead of Grandmother).


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