Secret Weapons is a four-issue mini-series published by Valiant Entertainment. The series is written by Eric Heisserer with illustrations by Raul Allen and Patricia Martin. This is the second Secret Weapons volume, however, this volume features different and, except for Livewire, brand new characters – Nicole "Nikki" Finch, Owen Cho, and Avichal "Avi" Malakar. Nikki and Owen would get their own origin stories and special one-shots, respectively, later on.

The series follows Amanda McKey (aka Livewire) looking for psiots who have been left behind by Toyo Harada's Harbinger Foundation because their superpowers were considered to be worthless. Livewire tracks some kids in Oklahoma City, however, before she can make contact they're already being chased by a creature called Rex-O.

A Pre-Order Bundle was available for the four regular issues with exclusive covers and bonus material such as character designs, scripts, and interviews.


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Note: The encryption in the teaser is based on the Royal Mail 4-State Customer Code.

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On May 8, 2018, writer Eric Heisserer tweeted fragments of an abandoned pitch (because of him leaving Valiant) for a Secret Weapons 4001 AD limited series that would have featured War Mother, Rai, Armstrong, Avi, and Livewire. [1]



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