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Solar, or Doctor Solar, is a superhero originally published by Gold Key Comics. Solar is a super-genius scientist working with nuclear material. After an accident he comes in contact with the material turning his body in pure energy and granting him god-like powers.

The original Doctor Solar: Man of the Atom was created in 1962 by writer Paul S. Newman, editor Matt Murphy, and artist Bob Fujitani. Valiant Comics bought Solar in 1991 along with several other Gold Key properties including Magnus, Robot Fighter and Turok, Dinosaur Hunter. They launched a new series Solar, Man of the Atom written by Jim Shooter with illustrations by Barry Windsor-Smith and Bob Layton. The series concluded in 1996 when Valiant was bought out by Acclaim Comics. Acclaim would launch several different comics based on Solar, but eventually the rights reverted to the original publisher in 2001. Solar would go on to be published by Dark Horse Comics in the 2000s and Dynamite Entertainment in the 2010s.


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