The Sect is an ancient organization dedicated to studying and obtaining an artifact known as the Boon. Their sworn enemy is Aram Anni-Padda, a warrior of Mesopotamia who used the Boon to gain immortality. The Sect is the world's oldest known conspiracy and has grown to encompass almost every other secret society on the planet. In the modern era they battle Aram, now calling himself Armstrong, who partners with boy assassin Obadiah Archer to become the duo Archer & Armstrong.


The origins of the multi-faceted Sect's goals of world domination trace all the way back to Ancient Egypt, although they existed long before then. After the assassination of the Pharaoh Akhenaten, they furthered their web, soon becoming deeply ingrained in all levels of society. By the 21st Century, they even had ties to space through the alien Vine, whose infiltration troops had become entangled in the cult. The vast span and influence of the countless individual organizations meant that the Sect was almost impossible to topple. If any one component organization, the others would just swoop in and take their place.


The Sect is a collective composed of different organizations and secret societies across the planet. This is a list of the known organizations that belong to the Sect. The individual members for those groups are listed on their own pages.


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