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The Vine are an alien race of intergalactic conquerors with insectoid physiology, originating on the planet Loam. They are named after the Hara Vine, a plant that spawned the sentient armor known as Shanhara and freed them from enslavement under the Torment. Shanhara is worshiped as their God (or messiah) and they revere plants as holy objects.


They are known for abducting residents of other planets to serve as slaves in their great gardens. For them humans are like animals. One of these slaves, Aric the Visigoth of planet Earth, would eventually steal the Shanhara armor and become the superhero X-O Manowar. This made Aric a controversial figure, with some Vine viewing him as a messiah and some viewing him as a blasphemous destroyer.

The Vine are also known for "seeding" planets by disguising their young like the native species. These "seedlings" or "plantings" are raised by natives and grow up to seek out positions of power for a possible future Vine invasion. All Vine are able to communicate with each other telepathically across vast distances through a plane they call "The Gathering." This allows Vine across the universe to coordinate their military efforts despite being lightyears apart.


  • Multiple Eyes
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Vine Hivemind

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