Valiant Comics is a comic book publishing company.



Valiant Comics was founded by Jim Shooter and Steven Massarsky in 1989. Shooter was working as Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics at the time, and Massarsky was an outside business partner. They established the company Voyager Communications, with the Valiant publishing imprint as a subsidiary. Shooter would eventually leave the company in 1992 over creative differences.


Voyager Communications would then be sold to video game company Acclaim Entertainment in 1994, however, Valiant Comics were still being published under the Valiant banner for two more years until Acclaim completely rebooted the universe with a line of new comics and new identities for many characters by 1996.

Valiant Universes

The collector's consensus today divides Valiant into three sections:

  1. VH-1 for "Valiant Heroes One" published from 1991-1996 by Valiant Comics
  2. VH-2 for "Valiant Heroes Two" published from 1996-2002 by Acclaim Comics
  3. VEI for "Valiant Entertainment, Inc." published post-2012 by Valiant Entertainment



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