Valiant Entertainment, Inc. (VEI) is a comic book publishing and media company founded in 2005.



Valiant Entertainment was founded by entrepreneurs Dinesh Shamdasani and Jason Kothari in 2005. It was established after Shamdasani and Kothari acquired the rights to the Valiant Heroes line of characters, originally published by Valiant Comics beginning in 1991. The rights to Valiant Comics had previously been purchased by Acclaim Entertainment, but they went back on the market after Acclaim shut down in 2004. Valiant Entertainment would reboot the entire Valiant Universe for a new line of superhero comics in 2012. In early 2018, DMG Entertainment took full control of Valiant Entertainment.[1]

Valiant Universes

The collector's consensus today divides Valiant into three sections:

  1. VH-1 for "Valiant Heroes One" published from 1991-1996 by Valiant Comics
  2. VH-2 for "Valiant Heroes Two" published from 1996-2002 by Acclaim Comics
  3. VEI for "Valiant Entertainment, Inc." published post-2012 by Valiant Entertainment


Valiant Entertainment set out to focus on a "quality over quantity" approach. At first, they only released four new series — X-O Manowar, Harbinger, Bloodshot, and Archer & Armstrong — and later on they would settle to never release more than ten different titles (regular issues) per month on average. In addition, they would only do one crossover event per year, usually involving a limited number of books and major characters/teams.



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