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A new experience in three dimensions!

Valiant Vision is a patented process that enables the wearer to view three-dimensional space when looking at an ordinary two-dimensional comic book page. Unlike previous attempts at 3-D, Valiant Vision works with full-color images such as those found in any Valiant comic.

Depth perception is obtained due to an assortment of data each eye transmits to the brain based on depth of field, contrast and focus.

Valiant Vision approximates depth of field by the use of twin holographic film, one over each eye, that separates the spectrum of color and light by a prismatic process. In short, certain colors recede, while others seem to spring off the page.

While the process works with any Valiant comic book, the experience is enhanced when the colored art is produced with Valiant Vision in mind.

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  • Virtual Reality


  • 3-D Glasses
  • Poster


  • Ninjak's motorcycle



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  • There is no cover date and the indicia only says "1993."
  • The comic was officially released in October, 1993, the same month Solar, Man of the Atom #29 was shipped too. The first comic released with "Valiant Vision" was Psi-Lords #1 in September, 1993.
  • The comic is bagged along with 3-D glasses and a giant-sized poster.
  • The comic itself is only 8 pages long (or short). There is no story line, however, the 3-D effect is demonstrated with Solar flying through virtual reality, pin-ups, and on the poster.
  • "VALIANT VISIONTM Glasses manufactured by Chromatek, Inc., New York, New York using their proprietary ChromaDepthTM 3-D process."


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